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Coaching offered at I-Connect is a partnership between the Coach and individual designed with unique customization, reflection and accountability. During our time together, we will work on your goals by understanding your current path, evaluating assessments and work towards solutions that create the career opportunities with the highest satisfaction. By focusing on your strengths and addressing limitations we will prepare you for the next step in your career and as a leader.

We will:

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase impact and influence
  • Successfully transition to role or career path best suited for you
  • Develop accountability to foster stronger relationships and drive results effectively
  • Increase self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Communicate effectively to engage and empower team

Learning and Development Programs

Designing impactful programs that are stimulated with high activity relies on experience based learning to ensure successful behavioral implementation. As integral as the quality of training talent is, the transfer of training is equally imperative to show successful application of newly attained skills and knowledge. At I-Connect, we provide holistic programs from design to implementation and support for the transfer of training into every day practice.

  • Leadership Development
  • High Potential Programs
  • First Time People Managers
  • Onboarding Engagement
  • Millennial Engagement
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Coaching Programs

Speaking Engagements

Offering dynamic, content rich and engaging programs, in lunch and learn forums or insightful breakout sessions, to inspire further motivation for leaders and employees across organizations.

  • Authenticity in the workplace
  • Coaching your team for success
  • Are you ready for the next generation? Generation Z.
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Innovation in the workplace
  • What’s your story? Create a strong narrative and personal brand.
  • Myers Briggs Personality Assessment for Leaders

Team Building and Engagement

Why is Team Building and Team Effectiveness so important?

Workplace cohesiveness means more engaged employees, increased productivity and loyalty to their peers and the organization, as a whole.

I-Connect offers team building activities that increase communication, team collaboration and simulate effective team working strategies. These activities provides the opportunity to deepen and strengthen working relationships among teams, departments and within the company.

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