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Payal Beri delivers strategically created talent and learning development programs for start-ups and mid-size organizations that are ready to engage and empower their employees.

How does someone who has lived and grown up in 8 countries and 4 continents become a Talent and Learning Development Consultant? Being used to change and growth as a constant. My experiences living in 22 different locations, combined with a training and development expertise and clinical psychology background, has helped me design workplaces that foster innovation and deliver results.

My goal is to help you design the workplace that best fits your organization’s needs and vision. I use flourishing talent management and learning development programs to create a healthy work culture. I have experience building cohesive environments, and in facilitating important cross-generational and cross-cultural exchanges in diverse workplaces. And I also manage expectations around organizational change, and I know how to help foster and prepare high-potential leaders to deliver results.

I’ve completed the build out of a new on-boarding program and strategically designed change leadership training for a mid-size sales organization. I’ve designed and implemented the first-ever management engagement tool for a mid-size insurance company to ensure sustainability and accountability in their global leadership programs. I’ve executed multiple global and high potential leadership programs for large and midsize organizations. I’ve also successfully led a change initiative to shift paper-based training to virtual, achieving 100% implementation and saving a large utility organization 140k in their leadership department.

If you’re a start-up or mid-size organization ready to engage your employees, improve HR work processes and build strong talent, let’s connect!


Instilling beliefs that each employee plays a role and holds a high level of decision-making power to set themselves, their teams and the organization up for success.

I-Build Accountability

Leading by example, the leaders follow through and take responsibility for their actions and behavioral outcomes to further create the same responsibility within their teams.

I-Choose to Lead

Encourage a culture of respect, responsibility, and openness by providing a vision for the future and living the values by action and aspiring the team to similarly.


Fostering an environment of creativity by providing a clear strategic vision and building a diverse team of thinkers trusted by their leaders.

I-Drive Results

Creating an environment for employee engagement and aligning it to a clear vision to foster meaning and value within their team.

I-Embody Authenticity

Stimulating an environment of honest, integrity, and transparency in order to build a trusting foundation in the workplace and creating a purposeful life contributing to those they mentor.


Building a culture of people who are genuinely passionate about their work and truly connected with the people that make up the strength of the company. Developing an organization in which leaders and employees equally are invested in furthering the values and vision of the organization, as a whole.

My Experience Timeline

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